Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Book Review: The Heroes of Olympus Series by Rick Riordan

After a rather long hiatus I am back with a book review or, more accurately, a series review. I haven't posted in so long because I was waiting to finish this entire series before I wrote a review on it. So, here are my thoughts on this series.

Any of you that have been reading this blog for a long time will know that I loved the Percy Jackson series. I thought it was one of the best series I have ever read. I have to say that this series did not let me down either. I found myself pulled in from the very first book. I was very apprehensive when I found out that Percy Jackson would be worked into this series because I didn't know how that crossover would work out. It turns out that it was seamless and wonderful.

The plot of this series was wonderful. I found it to be very rich and full of layers. When I say that it is full of layers I mean that there are many subplots woven into the main plot of the books. Sometimes I find that authors struggle to do that and you feel like the books are disjointed somehow. This was not the case with this series. Each of the subplots was vital to the main plot and made for a deep and rich reading experience. Besides, who doesn't love a plot where gods and demigods are fighting against titans, giants, monsters galore, and the earth itself?

The character development was fantastic in these books. You got a well rounded view of every character. In all books there are major and minor characters and sometimes the author spends too much time on one or the other. That was not the case here. It appears that there was great attention paid to getting the characters just right. They were well thought out and planned in terms of the story. You could tell that the author really had an eye for crafting a great story here just in terms of the character development.

I found this series to be very readable. You could easily knock out one book in a weekend. It took longer for me as I have 2 small children so my reading time is relegated to after they go to sleep for the night. As far as who would read this book; I think that fans of fiction, action adventure, or just plain good writing would all love this book.

Overall I would give this series a 5/5 rating.