Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A Book Review: The Last Words of the Holy Ghost by Matt Cashion

Last Words of the Holy Ghost is a Gothic short story book. A little disclaimer here; short stories and gothic are not two genres I generally like to read in. So, there was some bias coming into my reading of this book.

As I read the first short story I must say that I was not a huge fan because I didn't like the language and I feel like the story just ended very abruptly without closure of any kind. This is what drives me nuts about short stories; I never feel like the story is developed enough or that it ends in a way that is satisfying to me as a reader.

I tried to read a couple more of the stories and just couldn't get into them.

Having said those things, I think that this book will indeed appeal to folks who enjoy short stories and the gothic genre. I'm just not that person.

I would like to thank University of North Texas Press for an opportunity to take a look at this book.