What I Read

Hey everyone, If you are looking at this page I'm guessing it's because you are wondering a little bit more about what types of books I read. Here is a list of the genres that interest me:

Literature & Fiction
Mystery & Thrillers
Religion & Spirituality
Science Fiction & Fantasy
Teens & YA


  1. They say daughters grow up faster than sons. Most parents want their daughters to stay little and share the amazement through their eyes whenever they see something new and exciting. When was the last time your daughter was really excited about reading or about a story? Wondrous fairy stories for little girls are few and far between.
    Magelica is an inspiring tale of a small fairy that hatched from a blue sapphire egg. Right from the beginning, the story will take your little one through an amazing world of imagination with Magelica’s story of her
    friends, their adventures and what they learn as they grow up. There are inspiring characters such as the Queen who is kind, warm and beautiful and Wally the wizard who is a wise and magical person. There are also fun creatures such as the Baby Dragon, who is Magelica’s trusted pet aspiring to grow up and fly as well as Odin the Warblegrif, who is the crazy messenger on an important mission to find Magelica.
    This simple fairy tale will take your daughter and you on a journey through life and its hiccups, and show you how Magelica handles them with the help of her loved ones. In today’s world, when there is so much peer pressure for your little one to grow up and emulate older kids, Magelica is a refreshing tale of a young fairy that teaches them to believe in themselves.


  2. I'd like to submit my young adult urban fantasy book, "Lot's Mountain" for your review. It was published on June 18, 2015.

    Thank you for your time.


    N.R. Allen



    Magic isn't gone, only hidden.

    For countless centuries monsters, men, and things in between have fought hidden battles over the fate of magic … in a small rural town in Virginia. Now their skirmishes threaten to explode into open war, with the entire world held in the balance.

    Dylan Caid, a troubled misfit whose secret just might hold the key to victory, finds himself thrust into the center of this ancient conflict. With both sides urging him to join with them and threatening death or worse should he not, Dylan must seek out an ancient force that even monsters fear.

  3. Hello!

    I read about your blog, and I wanted to know whether you'd be wiling to review a book I wrote.

    It's the first I've ever written. You seem to be well-versed with books of the Young Adult genre, so it would be wonderful if you reviewed it. Even if it isn't a positive review, it would help me a lot: but I think you might like it. :)

    The title is 'Shadow's Story: Brother Gone Rogue': http://www.amazon.com/dp/B015DC4QNQ.

    Thank you!
    S.S. Mashalkar.

    1. Thanks for thinking of me for a review. I would be glad to take a look at your book. It may take me a little while, so if it's a tight deadline it might not work out but go ahead and send me an email: justanotherbookguy@gmail.com