Monday, August 8, 2011

Book Review: Quitting Church by Julia Duin

As some of you know I read books for work as well as for pleasure. So, this is one of the books I read for work. My work reviews are much shorter because I don't want to bore everyone to death with stats and other things of that nature. On with the review:

This was a well written book. It focused most on Baptists and Evangelicals, but that's ok. It had some great things to say about small group ministry and the role that it plays in the church. It said that small groups are a great way to know when people are falling through the cracks at church. In a small group people notice that you are missing, whereas in a large group setting it is easier for the fact that someone is gone from church to go unnoticed. There was also some interesting stats on why folks are leaving churches. The most talked about reason in the book was because they felt like their church wasn't catering to their needs as much as they thought they should be. Overall, I think that someone from any denominations can glean some valuable insights that they can put to good use in their congregational setting.

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