Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Book Review: Youth Ministry 3.0 by Mark Oestreicher

Warning! this book is one that is useful for my job. It may not be for everyone so if you aren't interested in hearing about it you can stop reading now.

Youth Ministry 3.0 is a very insightful book for anyone interested in what is going on with youth culture right now. It talks about three very distinct times in the "life" of youth ministry."Marko", as the author is called, talks about the different youth culture fixations, cultural influences, key themes, drivers, and theme verses for each of the 3 "versions" of youth ministry through the years.

Youth Ministry 1.0 is the original. Here is the breakdown for you:

Youth Culture Fixation: Identity
Cultural Influence on Youth Ministry: Language and Topics
Key Themes: Evangelism and Correction
Driver: Proclamation
Theme Verse: Matthew 7:13-14

Youth Ministry 2.0
Youth Culture Fixation: Autonomy
Cultural Influence on Youth Ministry: Models and Success
Key Themes: Discipleship and Creating a Positive Peer Group
Driver: Programs
Theme Verse: Matthew 28:19-20a

Youth Ministry 3.0
Youth Culture Fixation: Affinity
Cultural Influence on Youth Ministry: Contextualization
Key Themes: Communion and Mission
Driver: Not Driven, but Present
Theme Verse: Acts 2:44-46a and John 17:18

This is just a brief overview of what is covered in this book. If you are someone that works with kids for a living, in any setting, you need to pick up this book and give it a read. It is one of those books that really makes you look at what you are doing in your ministry. I know that it has prompted me to change some of the ways that I do things.

**Information for the breakdown was taken from: Youth Ministry 3.0 by Mark Oestreicher, Youth Specialties, Copyright 2008

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