Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Spotlight On: Bled my Blood by Kellie Ojeda

"Spotlight On" will be the newest addition to my blog posts. These posts will be about books that are coming out or have come out recently. In most cases they will be books that I haven't read, due to the size of my review pile, but think are worthwhile for the book blogging community to know about. So, without further ado, here is the fist entry.

Bled My Blood 
Kellie Ojeda

Shay and Bryan never could’ve imagined being friends with Kayla Smidgal. Yet, when Kayla is pistol-whipped and almost shot in the head attempting to save Shay’s life, Shay suddenly sees her in a whole new light.    
Kayla Smidgal is a new student at Grove South High School—a school where the Almighty Latin Kings reign. Shay Alvarez A.K.A "Brass" is the President of the L.K.’s and is notorious for his cruelty. Bryan "Rico" Stevenson is Shay's second in command, yet he wavers in his loyalty to the L.K.’s as his affection for Kayla grows. 
Circumstances beyond their control (and many within) force the three to make difficult decisions.
Bryan has known Kayla since before he joined the Latin Kings. Now that she’s in his life again, he can't help but wonder what his life could’ve been like if he’d never been separated from her. So Bryan must determine if quitting the L.K.’s, and the violence he would surely suffer as a result, is worth a relationship with Kayla.
Kayla, on the other hand, knows that a relationship with Bryan would lead her down a path she doesn’t want to go. Yet her feelings for him make her wish she could ignore the obvious.
When Shay sees Bryan pursuing Kayla he refuses to acknowledge the feelings he is developing for her. Yet, cold jealousy still twists in his gut and he knows that somehow, someway he will have Kayla Smidgal.
Then, even as Bryan is pursuing her, Kayla cuts off their relationship. This causes Bryan to react with hostility and vengeance. In so doing, he shatters any chance he ever has of winning her back. As a result, Kayla and Shay’s friendship deepens.
Yet, even as Shay and Kayla grow closer, Shay still stubbornly refuses to acknowledge his feelings for her. He protects her, he fights for her, yet he will never admit to his weakness—that he is falling in love with the auburn-haired girl.
Shay believes himself to be indomitable, yet he is about to be attacked so viciously that he may never recover.
And Shay’s attacker will strike where he is weakest.

About the Author:
Ojeda has always been interested in criminology. Her fascination with the subject has led to her first novel "Bled My Blood". A criminal justice major at Judson University and internships at the local county jail have lent Ojeda vast knowledge on the subject of criminology. Thus adding to the richness and depth of her fictional novel "Bled My Blood".
Fun fact: Ojeda interviewed a former gang member before she graduated from college. That gang member happened to be from an enemy crew of the Latin Kings. The Latin Kings are some of the main characters in "Bled My Blood". 

***Bled my Blood can be ordered on amazon, createspace, or through Barnes and Noble

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  1. I'm Glad to see other college students are writing fictional books on their fields!