Wednesday, March 2, 2016

A Book Review: Grief Light by Julie Yarbrough

Grief Light by Julie Yarbrough is a wonderful devotional that talks about grief. She breaks it down into 6 sections. They are entitled: 
  1. Shadow Light
  2. Life Light
  3. Grace Light
  4. Love Light
  5. Hope Light
  6. Joy Light
Each section has devotions that focus on each kind of light. The layout of this book is very well done. The devotions are each about 2 pages long. They begin with some thoughts from Julie or a story about her life and her dealings with grief and then she transitions into a paragraph or two on thoughts from the bible and always includes a bible verse that's applicable to the topic and then ends it with a short prayer. This is a very well done devotional and it's well worth having on your shelf, if not for yourself then for someone you know who is struggling with grief. It would make a great gift for someone who is going through the grieving process.

Julie is a fantastic writer. It's sometimes hard to get all your thoughts in and make them coherent in a two page layout, but she does it well. I didn't find any of these devotions to be disjointed or all over the place as some people are in the habit of doing. They are on point, well thought out, and written wonderfully. 

This is a great devotional and you can't go wrong picking up a copy for yourself. 

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