Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Book Review: Freeing Lindhurst by Al Cassidy

Freeing LinhurstFreeing Linhurst by Al Cassidy
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I enjoyed this book very much. It's a well written fiction story that has it's roots in a real place that inspired the author. The characters and pacing were wonderful. The plot was well thought out and kept you on your toes throughout.

The plot in this book was great. It hit on so many things that I wasn't expecting. It tackled such topics as bullies, abuse, death of a loved one, lies, love, and paranormal activity just to name a few. This book has a little bit of everything and it's so well tied together into one flowing story. The writing was done in such a way that you felt like you were in the abandoned buildings or running through the dark to get away. In my mind it's the sign of a good book when you feel like you're in the story with the characters.

Speaking of characters, I really liked the characters in this book. They were well rounded and very believable. I really found Jack to be wonderful. You got to follow the roller coaster that was his life. While most of us won't find ourselves searching through an abandoned state hospital, we will find ourselves dealing with loss, frustration, joy, and pain. You get to follow Jack through all of these things and I found myself rooting for him as I read.

This is a fairly quick read that keeps you interested throughout. This is a fantastic book for adults and kids alike. I would recommend this book to anyone that asks.

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